As part of the sponsorship, Om-die-Dam race committee support the following organizations in the community on an annual basis.

Meerhof School
Meerhof School is for learners with special educational needs and is situated on the banks of the Hartbeespoort Dam, in the North West Province. Meerhof School offers programmes for learners with physical challenges, as well as learners with specific learning problems. It is a public school under the auspices of the North West Department of Education.

The school has developed into a facility that not only promotes academic excellence, but also presents learners with opportunities to participate in various sports, cultural and social activities. Learners are led to develop to their full potential to become independent and productive members of society, despite physical challenges.
SAFV Hartbeeshof Dienssentrum
Hartbeespoort service centre for the aged strives to improve the quality of life of the elderly in the community, by rendering of the following services – the provision of a principle meal, health services, improvement of socializing and personal care.

House Lesedi: House of Light
House Lesedi is a House of Safety home for babies that are either abandoned or that have been saved from abortion. Located in Hartbeespoort, It provides a safe, healthy, loving and caring temporary home until they can be re-joined with their mothers or, where that is not possible, adopted by loving couples. The House has capacity to care for 12 babies but currently funding limits the number to only six.

The House has a full time house Mother and four full time childcare workers; four more would enable full utilization of the House. Sadly, there is an abundant “supply” of destitute babies: the need is great! The House is a not for profit institution, opened in 2006 through the uMephi project, the Children’s Ministry of the Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa Executive Welfare Council Doxa Deo Hartbeespoort Campus, administers the House and is responsible to provide funding for worker salaries and all operating costs. To date more than 40 babies have been placed with new parents, ensuring a future they may otherwise not have had. Cash needed (excluding donated items and services) to operate House Lesedi at full capacity is approximately R30,000 per month. This is mainly for salaries and wages, water and electricity and the running cost of the house.