All Runners have the option of applying at the time of entry to be considered as Contenders for either the 50km or the 21km races.

If a runner has achieved, and can prove that they have obtained, a time faster than the times indicated for age and gender in the following table, they can apply to be a contender.

Races distance
Contender Category 21km Critria 10km Critria 42km Critria 50km Critria
Open 1:24:00 37:00 2:40:00 3:25:00
40-49 1:24:00 38:00 2:49:00 3:34:00
50-59 1:52:30 50:00 3:09:00 3:59:00
60-69 2:15:00 59:00 3:57:00 4:59:00
70+ All n/a All All
Women's Results
Races distance
Contender Category 21km Critria 10km Critria 42km Critria 50km Critria
Open 1:46:00 44:00 3:27:00 4:23:00
40-49 1:50:00 46:00 3:27:00 4:23:00
50-59 2:05:00 55:00 3:53:00 4:56:00
60-69 2:50:00 1:00:00 4:40:00 5:57:00
70+ All n/a All All

The use of the “Contender” status ensures all competitive runners get a fair chance at winning, while allowing the remaining participants to focus on their own race and finishes. Mat to Mat time will be provided for all non-contenders.

Runners must secure an entry first
Applications should be mailed with proof of their ability to az.oc.artlumadeidmo%40ofni before 15 February 2019.
The application can also be done on line with proof of performance uploaded.
Runners apply to be contenders, by submitting application and proof to show they are better (either in last 6 months – or in the previous year’s Om Die Dam in the same distance race that they are applying for) than time for their age group
A runner who moved up their age group between the Om Die Dam races must have qualified in that new age group in the previous year’s Om Die Dam of the same distance.
In accordance with IAAF and ASA rules, applications for Contender status will ONLY be accepted A) directly from the athlete, B) The athlete’s registered Athlete Representative (AR) who must be listed on either the ASA or IAAF web site as a qualified AR, C) the athlete’s provincial or national federation, D) in the case of juniors in the 21km, the parent or Guardian of the athlete. No other person may request or negotiate on the athlete’s behalf.
To be accepted for contender status, the runner must provide ALL data requested and be willing to be subjected to any Anti-Doping testing prior to or after the race event if required by SAIDS.
All contenders will be required, if selected, to undertake to abide by all rules of IAAF, ASA, ANWN and all Race Rules. This includes adherence to the IAAF advertising rules and regulations.
Applications for Contender status will be rejected should the athlete fail to provide acceptable information / responses to requested data and entry details. ( for example: first name, family name, date of birth, age on race day, Gender, ID number (passport for foreign), nationality, mobile number, e-mail address, postal address, physical address, signed waiver, (guardian if necessary), visa and clearance letter if required for foreign, athletics club if any, an undertaking to be accessible for drug testing before and after event if required by WADA, and any other details required for the administration of the race, medical aid number Medical aid company, emergency contact number.) The purpose of this is to be able to be 100% sure of the results for the race from the chip timing on day of race. The actual information will be set by the race requirements each year.
The contender application and acceptance close on 15 February 2019, with no exceptions irrespective of the athlete’s status. The list of contenders will be shown on the web site and any person who wishes to protest against a runner’s eligibility (IAAF rule 146.1) has 7 days to do so, (i.e. 22 February) and the organisers have 14 days to get clarity and resolve.
If accepted as a Contender, the runner will be provided with special numbers and passes and will register at a separate table at number collection.
Contenders will be given a separate instruction sheet on how the start will work, where to line up, and all other instructions.
Contenders will have access to a) a dedicated warm up area, b) an area at the finish where the contenders can leave their bags etc and meet after the race, with some refreshments and snack.
The warm up and contender line up area will be used as a “Call Room” where Technical Officials will scrutinise the kit, advertising and numbers of the athletes.
ALL contender results up in the contender’s area and this allows them to make any appeal / protest in terms of IAAF rule 146.2. Any Protest must be made within 30 minutes of the results being posted at this point.
All awards and contender times will be displayed on Gun to Mat time only.
Irrespective of the Athlete’s Status, No Late Applications for the contender status will be accepted AFTER 15 FEBRUARY. Any deviation of this will be at the Race Directors discretion and will no appeal will be entertained.
The prize-giving for the half marathon is at 09:30
The prize-giving for the Ultra Marathon is at 12:15
All Contenders are advised to be in the ‘Contender’ finish area 30 minutes prior to prize giving in order to ascertain if they are an award winner.
All award winners must be in the area 10 minutes prior to the Prize giving time.
The IAAF advertising rules and regulations apply to prize giving and for athlete’s own media and personal recognition, hats will NOT be permitted on the stage.
No identification of sponsors of individual athletes may appear on advertising inside the competition area. Advertising tattoos or any advertising marks on any part of the body is illegal.

The only persons that will be allowed into the finish line area (100m prior to the finish line through to the runner exit point) are official finishing runners and accredited race officials / medics.

There is a 20 meter ‘no go’ area before and after the finish gantry, such that broadcast and photo media have a clean view of the finish.

Appropriate fenced areas will be provided for accredited media, photographers and Contender’s AR after the finish line. There will be no meet and greet inside the finish area.


The Om Die Dam 50km is an IAU label event, recognized Internationally and IAAF advertising rules apply to all competing for prizes or gaining ‘Contender Status’ (see Contenders above)

The running kit of all contenders must comply with both IAAF Advertising regulations and the advertising rules of ASA.