Ultra Marathon Half-Marathon
      Distance 50km 21km
      Start 06:00 06:45
      Cut-Off 7 Hours 3 Hours
      Prize-giving 12:15 10:30
      Entry Fee:
      Open, Vetrans & Masters
      Grand Masters
      Grand Grand Masters


      Minimum Age 20 Years 16 Years
      T-Shirts First 1000 Entries None
      Runners will receive TWO race numbers. All runners must wear the official race numbers on the front and back of their vest. Race numbers cannot be exchanged other than through the official substitution process. Neglecting to adhere to these rules will lead to disqualification. No race numbers are to be pinned on running shorts.

      Any member of a registered running club wishing to compete as part of their club team for prizes must wear the full registered club colours of the club shown on their entry form.

      Temporary licenses are only available for runners in the 21km. Where purchased as part of the race entry, these will be issued at number collection and must be worn along with and under the race number such that the upper branding of ASA is visible

      Runners MAY NOT TRANSFER their race numbers to other runners.

      Such action not only provides mis-representation of results but may also have serious consequences and endanger life in medical situations.

      Any runner who is found guilty of breaking this rule will be banned from this race for 1 year in addition to them being disqualified from the current year.

      The runner’s information will also be forwarded to their club and provincial body with an option of further discipline.

      Age category tags will form part of the official printed race number. Proof of age may be requested at race number collection, and or by the race referee upon race day.

      Eighteen well equipped refreshment stations are provided along the 50km route and six in the half marathon, which will ensure that every runners needs are adequately catered for.

      In the Ultra (50km) refreshments stations are approximately 3km apart up to the halfway mark and 2km thereafter. In the half marathon the tables are at approximately 3km intervals throughout

      Drinking water will be provided throughout the race in 100ml plastic sachets (Booster Bags), while Coca-Cola will be served in paper cups.

      In addition, potatoes, bananas, chocolate, jelly sweets and other ‘morale lifters’ will be available at some stations.

      Runners are remined that the race is run in an environmentally sensitive area, and that it is vital for road running as a sport to be responsible for the waste created by provision of refreshment points.

      ASA rules exist whereby runners can be disqualified for littering. ‘Drop’ zones will be provided after each refreshment point and runners are required to make use of this area for any waste OR to carry it to the next such point roughly 3km further on the route.
      NOTE: Runners are requested to assist in this process by reminding and encouraging their fellow runners to take responsibility for littering. A runner may report another runner failing to abide by these race rules. Such reports may be given to the Race Referee or the Technical Information Centre at the finish venue.
      The NO MOBILE SECONDING rule will be strictly enforced. No seconds may drive, cycle or run alongside any athlete on the route.

      The STAND AND HAND rule, whereby a runner’s second may stand at any refreshment station on the route and hand refreshments to their athlete while they remain stationary, will apply.

      No seconds may travel on the route. All on route seconding must be in place prior to the arrival of the first runner and will be required to stay in that location until the last runner and sweep vehicle has passed.

      The race referees will deal with any transgression of this rule and the penalty may include disqualification.

      Open (Men & women) Ultra Marathon Half Marathon
      1st Place 15,000 3,000
      2nd Place 7,500 1,500
      3rd Place 5,000 1,000
      4th Place 2,500 750
      5th Place 1,000 500
      1st Place 2,000 500
      2nd Place 1,000 300
      1st Place 1,000 500
      2nd Place 500 300
      1st Place 1,000 500
      2nd Place 500 -
      1st Place 1,000 500
      2nd Place 500 -
      Team 1,000 -