Rules and Timing

The race is run under the rules of the IAAF, Athletics South Africa (ASA) and Athletics North-West North (ANWN) By entering the race each athlete accepts the responsibility to know and abide by these rules and the rules of the race.
ALL Races are timed by CHAMPIONCHIP therefore NO CHIP - NO RESULTS - NO PRIZES.
Athletes indemnify national, regional, provincial bodies, sponsors and organisers against any action due to participation in the race.
Runners participate at their own risk.
All athletes must wear the race numbers provided on the front and back of their vests.
Licensed athletes, belonging to a club affiliated to ASA must:
wear their club colours; and
wear 2019 ASA license number on their vest with the top branded section visible both front and back.
Unlicensed athletes must buy a temporary license for the 21km and wear the temporary license on the back of their vests. The top of the temporary license must be visible above the race number.
Age category identity tags form part of the race number which must be worn on the back and front of athletes' vests in order to be considered for category prizes.
Unlicensed runners on the 21km must wear plain garments.
Foreign/International athletes not belonging to a club affiliated to ASA need to purchase a temporary license and wear the temporary license on the back of their vests. The top of the temporary license must be visible above the race number.
Foreign athletes must have a clearance letter as per IAAF and ASA rules.
In order to win an age award proof of age must be produced on the day.
Minimum age for participants in the event:
50km - no younger than 20 on the day of the race
21km - no younger than 16 on the day of the race
No bicycles are allowed along the route.
Athletes may not participate with pets.
All traffic officers and officials’ instructions must be obeyed.
No refund of race entry fees.
The race organizer retains the right to refuse entry and eject persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol, who are disorderly, or engage in inappropriate behaviour, vandalism or evade paying for admission.
No earphones are allowed during the race.
Late Runners: The start of the 50km will be closed 15 minutes after the official start time and any runner later than this will be required to report to the start of the 21km where their numbers will be noted and amended so they can run in the 21km event. However, runners who run in the incorrect distances are not eligible for prizes.
Any runner who starts the race distance later than 15 minutes and does not follow this rule will be disqualified and not provided with a time or any race handout.
ALL prizes are based on gun to mat times but all runners will be provided with mat to mat timing.
50km Cut-off times: Runners who have not reached the following marks in the times specified will not be allowed to continue:
25km at 3 hours 40 min (09:40)
42,2km at 6 hours 5 minutes (12:05)
50km at 7 hours (13:00)
If you do not reach the cut-off points within the required time, you will be asked to retire from the Race and leave the road. YOU MAY NOT CONTINUE RUNNING.
Transport will be provided at all the cut-off points to take the runners back to the Finish.
Athletes who fail to obey the race officials will be subject to disciplinary action and may be banned from participation in the Om die Dam Ultra Marathon in future.
Runners who do not qualify as contenders will also be seeded on the basis of times submitted and a voluntary block seeding. Their times will also be provided as mat to mat and from a safety and courtesy viewpoint they are encouraged to have patience in crossing the start mats, as all qualification times commence at the mat.
Contenders and Seeding:
All runners who wish to compete for ANY award in ANY of the races must apply to be a contender and will be required to provide qualifying times at the time of entry.
Contenders and Prize winners are only eligible for a prize if all information is filled in on their race entry and they are wearing their ChampionChip.
Any non-seeded runner found in the seeding section of the start in ANY race will be disqualified from the race
Pacing of seeding / contender runners, as defined in the IAAF and ASA rules is prohibited and will be monitored and the rules applied throughout all race distances.
The table provided details out the minimum criteria required based on age and gender for application as a contender.
Contenders will be sent specific final instructions not later than 10 days prior to the race and will have a specific area at start and finish.
Application for contender status will close on 15 February.
The results of all seeded / contenders will be available live on the internet and a hard copy posted at the finish as soon as possible after the race and this will be announced. Runners then have 30 minutes in which to make a protest or appeal in accordance with IAAF rule 146.2 otherwise the results will be used for prize giving.
In accordance with International standards team managers or supporters will NOT be allowed to enter the start or finish areas of the race. A section will be provided at the end of the race after the finish line for family, athletes representatives, managers, or team support to be able to see their seeded athletes cross the line and greet them.
This event is being timed using the ChampionChip system and therefore you are required to run with a ChampionChip to participate in the event and get an official result.

To ensure that you are accurately recorded in the Race Results it is important that your ChampionChip is correctly registered in your name with your correct details.

To be accepted as a Contender (see above) it is a condition that the athlete A) owns their own Championchip, B) visits the Championchip web site and confirms that all data including names, age, date of birth, club, 2019 license number, gender and chip number are correct. Any discrepencies must be reported to Championchip and the race organizer by 15 February 2019

If you do not currently have a ChampionChip or want to verify that it is correctly registered, this can be done on the internet at or by contacting ChampionChip Africa on 0861 100 963.

Your ChampionChip MUST be correctly attached to your shoe laces.
(For correct attachment instructions please visit No corrections or manual updates will be done due to incorrect use of the ChampionChip or by not abiding by the race rules.)

No Chip, No Result, No Prize.